Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Final Deck

The final skate deck that I decided on I did a little differently. I decided to do this deck using construction paper then photographing and bringing it into Photoshop. The reason I chose this one is because i feel that it depicts our trip the best. When looking at the deck design it is a longboarder skating across Canada. I depicted the different areas of Canada using simple symbols. Starting from the maritimes depicted by a fishing boat which then moves on to the trees of Ontario and the Muskokas to across the prairies and then wheat fields to the rockies in BC and finish off at the Pacific Ocean.

Skate Decks

Here are some examples of the skate decks i have been working on. I mainly did these in illustrator and photoshop. With each deck i have tried to keep both skateboarding an the environment in mind. I also referenced many longboards to see what kind of styles are used already.


Rough Skate Deck Design

The Promotional Piece that I worked on this past month is a Skateboard Deck design. Charles and I have been in contact with a few skateboard companies are hoping to secure a sponsorship soon. Because of this i decided to create a skateboard graphic to be used on a skate deck to be sold. Here are some of the rough sketches that I came up with.

Logo Final

The final Logo that I came up with I found is simple but effective. It is bold but not to in your face. At first glance you see the LDS then your eye is drawn to the figure in the middle of the D which then i feel Grabs the viewer to look at the rest and see what LDS stands for.

Logo Process Work

The first promotional piece that I felt needed to be done is the logo. The logo will be used on most of, if not all, the future promotional pieces. Here is my process work to come to the final product. I found that doing this that it is much harder to create a logo for yourself than for someone else.

LDskate2 LOGO Working

First Post!

This is the first post for the LDSkateboarding. to start off i would like to give a little background to what LDSkateboarding is. LDSkateboarding stands for Long Distance Skateboarding. I am PJ Richards and my friend Charles Bryan and I will be Longboarding across Canada in May 2011. We are using this journey to promote awareness for nature conservation. 100% of all proceeds that we gain from this trip will be donated to The Nature Conservancy. On this blog I will be showcasing promotional works for the trip. I hope you enjoy what we have to offer and please check out The Nature Conservancy to see examples of what causes we will be promoting and riding for.